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Peninsula Removal Services are here for your Mini Moves

Peninsula Removal Services responded to our customers asking for a fast, delicate removal service to fit smaller residences, flats, and bachelor apartments. Often committed to eliminating 1 to 5 furniture pieces. Our teams represent all regions in Cape Town, so we’ll have a Mini Removal team near you. This geographic position of our removal teams would save resources and would be more economical as there will be less driving time and distance to encourage the removal of the furniture. Each Mini Removal team would have a closed removal truck fitted with workers, blankets, and straps to ensure quick and secure travel.

To plan and arrange a quality, effective and quick Mini Relocation service, boxes, packaging content, packing and storage are supplied. We are available on public holidays and weekends to guarantee that your transfer can be made at your leisure. Our experts can have competitive quotes and extensive assistance to facilitate effective and seamless removal. You may need to organise short-term storage solutions, which are often helpful while commuting, renovating or requiring additional room between locations.

Anyone traveling understands how back-breaking and exhausting it can be. As mini movers Cape Town, our main aim is to make sure the entire thing is as quick and painless as possible. We deem ourselves Cape Town’s mini-moving business leader. We specialize in moving your house, flat, or workplace in and around the Cape Peninsula. With years of practice, we are committed to streamlining the whole moving experience with a passion to make you move as quickly as possible.

mini movers cape town

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We have enough experience with delicate objects every day (think grand pianos, chandeliers and bespoke art pieces). Our sealed vans & trucks are packed with blankets, and our teams are skilled in packaging your precious freight to ensure nothing is damaged in transit. We leave little to chance, and a team leader supervises every task.

 When listing your mini moving request with Peninsula Removal Services, we will link you to one of our transport specialists who already work along a nearby route and are better prepared to manage your transfer. Every transportation specialist would have space, equipment and experience to carry your products as quickly as possible. And with our vans collection, we can cover all shapes and sizes. However, regardless of van capacity, you won’t wind up spending more than you should. We use unused space in our vans as they drive around their existing routes, saving our consumers’ money and taking cars off the road, saving needless carbon emissions.